3 Simple Facebook Ad Mistakes You can Easily Correct!

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The idea behind this article is to help Melbourne businesses correct some easy mistakes they are making on Facebook Ads. It is not meant to be all inclusive, only some of the easiest changes that can be made with the biggest bang. I hope it helps direct you to spend a little more time to make your ads more profitable. If you are having issues or if you have any questions just ask!

The first mistake is running an ad for you! This is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Not only will you waste money but your audience will totally become blind to you. You can’t decide what is important to your customers, only they can! By running what you think is important versus something they want to see; your ads will go up in cost and get you less results. You’ll seem out of marketing melbournetouch to your potential customers and they will like you less. They will wonder if you even care about them. Not sure what they want? Ask them! Do a survey to your audience, friends or peers and ask what the most relevant topics are. If you belong to forums or associations ask the members what they need help with and create ads based on these hot topics. By creating ads that get clicked on and create engagement you will decrease your costs, profits will go up and customers will Love your Brand more. This is also important to Facebook to have happy customers seeing relevant information.

Another easy way to create the wrong type of ad is by driving an erroneous type of engagement. Many businesses advertise on Facebook thinking they should get page likes to their business fan page. What does this really get you? Granted it’s nice to see a lot of likes but at the end of the day business owners want sales. The only way to drive sales is to drive conversions of these people to your offer, article or the store itself. I have seen a lot of businesses say that Facebook Ads don’t work because they didn’t actually try to use a great deal to get foot traffic. You first must have clear goals with your Facebook Ad like; what are you selling, what information do you want them to read or where do you want people to go.

The final simple Facebook mistake you can change right away is not creating enough ads. Now before you freak out and think I can’t afford more ads, I am talking about more a/b testing. Many business owners throw an ad up and hope it converts. Obviously this is only going to lose money and frustrate you because if you don’t nail your first ad you are done. The only way to get a profitable well performing ad is to test your ads against each other and only use the best. If you do this for a while, you will see that there is a clear winner. Remember success doesn’t happen overnight. You must take your time and make sure that your testing leads you to profitable Facebook ads.

So now that you know three ways to change your ad mistakes there is only one thing left. Go Do IT!