7 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Facebook Advertising Performance

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Are you frustrated by the results you are getting from Facebook Ads even though everyone says you should be doing it? I have seen many a business owner tell me Facebook doesn’t work for them. What I don’t usually hear is, why? This tells me that the owner probably didn’t understand how to advertise on Facebook. Well here are 7 tips to help you get ready and be profitable with Facebook Ads

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Don’t be Her!

The hardest part of advertising on Facebook deals with you Targeting your customers with razor sharp precision. Long gone are the days of mass marketing and hoping to hit the target. With Facebook you can narrow down your audience by: Age, Marital Status, Where they live, What they like, Behaviors and just about anything else you can think of.

While not directly done with Facebook your landing page probably needs to be improved. Never send someone responding to an ad to your homepage. It will confuse them and give them to many options. Create a landing page with only 1 action for them. It can be to read an article, sign up for a newsletter or get a coupon for instance. It must match your ad exactly!

Use retargeting from Facebook. Retargeting are those ads that follow you around after you have been to a website. Basically you would either move them to your sales funnel or ask them to come back to your page. Facebook puts tracking on your website then can follow these people for as long as you like.

The fourth way to improve performance is to rotate your pictures and or videos. You should always be running a split test and get rid of the ad that doesn’t work as well and bring in a new one. Rotate the ads with new headlines to achieve the best possible return on investment. Don’t keep running the same ad that doesn’t resonate with your audience!

When setting up your ad you have several ways to pay for that ad. You can choose Cost per Impression, Cost per click, Optimized Cost per Click and Cost per action. While this article is too short to go into each one, remember that if one doesn’t seem to be working use another. You can also vary up your amount spent per day or limit the hours the ad runs.

While this next one is part of your targeting it deserves a second spot. Make sure you are identifying proper groups and genders in your ads. Perhaps 18 to 35 year-olds aren’t clicking your ad and costing you money. At the same time women age 40 to 50 are the best group to advertise too. Well change your settings to the group(s) that are working and get rid of those that aren’t. Simple Enough!

The final is slightly more advanced which is why I put it at the end. Use Facebook look a like audiences. Facebook can use traffic to your website (takes a few months) to target people similar to your visitors. You can also use custom audiences to create a look a like audience. If you have an email list of customers upload it to Facebook and advertise to them and also advertise to people who are similar to them. A very powerful way to target people who should like your store!

There you have it. 7 ways to maximize your Facebook advertising campaigns. Now the only thing left to do is advertise on Facebook and use these tips to make it profitable!